Lighting + Special Effects


Chauvet Mini Kinta - Provides a fun and colorful display of dancing red, green and blue lights. Great for proms and birthdays.

Chauvet Circus 2.0 - excellent lighting option for 70's or 80's Disco themed parties. Provides stunning light dot patterns as well as strobe effects

Chauvet Wash FX2 - Exceptional lighting for Weddings and other elegant events. Provides a beautiful wash of color.

Chauvet Intimidator Spot 250 - Are you hosting an Oscar themed party or perhaps a film themed evening? If so, these are the perfect lights. Providing moving color palettes in a variety of colors and patterns these spots can project customizable image of logos, names and many other options. Ideal for corporate mixers and marketing events.

Special Effects

Projection Mapping

Using cutting edge technology to create custom animated effects at your next celebration. Responsive audio and video effects that will make a big splash at your next celebration

ADJ Fog Fury Jet Pro

With over 28 color options and the ability to project an LED Fog stream up to 40 feet at any angle. This fog machine creates the ultimate pyrotechnic like effect.

Sound System Upgrades

Please Note: For events of more than 200 guests your entertainment package will be automatically upgraded to four speakers and additional subwoofer options

Add up to three sound systems if your celebration requires music in a variety of different areas.

Please Note: All upgrades will be factored into the service quote provided.
In order to provide maximum value, your package will be created to your specifications
That is because VinDk8 Entertainment about customization and not itemization